Predictable Savings
Get rid of high utility bills

This is a tremendous facility for those you want to be solar without being owner of the system. We provide you facility to take our solar system on lease at lower rate than your current utility bill rate. You will not be charge for whole system instead you need to pay a lease amount every month for the period of contract and you become the owner for the same period. If you opt to get solar on lease then your utility charges will drop down by 30%. Isn’t it a tremendous facility!
If you want to get solar on lease then we first analyse your requirement, your monthly utility bill, etc. and then after consultation, we do study on that and propose you a fix and predictable monthly rate and fix amount of solar production.
If we are not able to fulfil our commitment in terms of production then that extra bill cost will be bare by us and excess amount of energy is liable to revert to us. Traditional energy cost gets rise day by day, but if u go solar, No matter what is rate for the traditional energy, but you will always be charged on a fix amount. At the end of each year, there will a settlement period
Even if you going for lease, we will bear the operational cost for all your maintenance of solar panel. If at any point of time, if you want upgrade your lease plans, you can go for that without bearing any extra cost. The first lease agreement will be for 10 years, later on, if you want to extend, you can extend it for next 5 years. At any point of time after 10 years if you feel not to use the system for further, it will be removed at no extra cost.